The tactics used to get rid of ghosts in movies is never the same. Likewise, depression is unique to each person. Therefore, getting out of the deep black box one has built requires personalized plans for recovery and Lifeball joy.

Diagnosis of depression

Some have the DNA depression gene
Some have the DNA anxiety gene
Some have the DNA alcohol gene
Some have the DNA drug gene
Some have the DNA anger gene
Some have the DNA lazy gene
Some have the DNA perfection gene
Some have the DNA “I am a loser” gene
There are more of them…

Any and all of these, if not identified and guarded against, can lead to depression; especially as one grows older and does not have the physical inertia to power through with pure “guts ball” will power.

As I present ways that have worked for me, please be clear, I am a basketball coach who loves people; especially people who want to get up off their backs and fight to find joy, peace, and freedom. The Psalmist talks about this in Psalm 23.   

These are the ways I beat depression. These are the ways I suggest to those who seek my wisdom to win the depression war:

Prognosis for depression – The Hope

1. Brutal honesty. Confess it to only those who can help you.
2. Find a trusted mentor who is wise and has a PTR (proven track record) and are WOBI (worthy of being imitated).
3. Read Words of Hope’s two articles on depression:

Dealing with Depression

Depression is a Ghost

If you are depressed for long periods of time, get proper medication. Find a trusted friend who can guide you. Don’t take just any prescribed meds.
4. Change your self-talk. Make cards with positive statements; I love life, etc.
5. Have a spiritual mentor who is qualified.
6. Live in the moment. Just win the moment. Then win the minute.
7. Gratitude – write five gratitude’s daily.
8. Live in the beautiful, healing Psalms.

I live in Psalm 63, 103, 8, 1, 51, 23, 20 and others. Some are memorized.

Depression is real. It is part of life; it is not to be feared. It is not to be ashamed of because chances are pretty good the people you think have their stuff together are in some sort of depression.

My experience working on commercial fishing boats in Alaska and the Puget Sound gave me profound respect for the oceans. There is a lesson to be learned from the seas in beating depression.

My boyhood friend, Brian Rockom; a very wise man, has a successful career in drug enforcement and is a master seaman.

I asked Brian, “What do you do when you get in storms that threaten the safety of your boat and you can’t run away from high seas?”

Rockom answered: “You better be able to trust your boat. You must go into the storm, however, not head on. Approach at an angle; head on you will tip over.”

Seems logical to me! If you are not depressed, just discouraged, then run from it. When life smacks you down, believe in your boat, you, and in your trusted others and in your God.

When you are in the storm of depression, do as the wise boat captains do. Go into the storm at an angle. Trust as never before in yourself. Get HELP, get another angle on your situation. Form and trust in your game plan. I hope some of the 8 ways I coach beating depression work for you, and those you serve with your encouragement/oxygen.