“The difference between a ghost and depression is one is imagination the other is for real.” – F. Crowell

Depression is real!
Depression is devastating!
Depression at its worst renders its victim helpless to make good decisions.
Depression’s ultimate act is suicide.
Depression is real!

As is cancer or heart disease;
As is a troubled child;
As is a war torn country;
As is spiritual bankruptcy;
The foremost critical action step is an accurate diagnosis.

Key factors:

WORDS – they build or destroy. What words is the person speaking?  Life or death words? Killer words like, “We’d all be better off if I were dead or gone.” Listen carefully to what is being said.

THOUGHTS – a crystal clear sign of clinical depression, is when an individual has obsessive thoughts and is unable to stop them. Repetitive, internal, destructive thoughts. The depressed person needs to be encouraged to share those thoughts with a trusted other.

PLAN – is there a plan to end life? Is it written down? This may require trusted others to investigate; cell phones, journals, etc. This is serious business!

Diagnosis is much easier than than prognosis. I can tear a car apart but can’t put it back together.

If the diagnosis is severe depression, there are only two motions in my opinion.  

Correct medication from a trusted doctor and 24 hour surveillance. If the trusted others cannot guarantee a 24/7 eyes on care, then the place for safety is a psychiatric ward.  

These words of hope on dealing with depression will continue. As my spiritual mentor, Father B taught me and continues to teach me over the last 18 years often said, “At any given moment are either in consolation or desolation. If in consolation enjoy fully because desolation is coming. If in desolation take heart because consolation is coming.”