Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day is so much more than a just a happy… Father’s… day…

There are at last three valuable celebrations during this day to honor Fatherhood.

  1. The privilege to express profound gratitude to the person who is a true father to us.  This could be a biological donor who was your genetic father. Our practical, spiritual, and emotional father could be an uncle, papa, coach, teacher, or family friend.
  2. This is a day to celebrate being a father. This may be one of the greatest gifts, our Creator bestowed upon mankind. The ability to reproduce ourselves with a woman to create a child.

  3. Celebrating the miracle of family. Make this a day to honor family. This is a day to renew our personal commitment to do our part in the little things, to be a loving, kind, industrious, happy, honest, and a giving member of the family team.

Happy Father’s Day!