Key Statement: “Ex” means to get out and “en” means to enter. Get out of the hallway and enter rooms of beauty, grace, peace, joy and love.  

Developing the emotional intelligence skill “EQ” is necessary to get unstuck from being trapped in hallways of negativity, fear, worry, depression, anxiety, and all emotions and mental states that destroy the pursuit of excellence.

LISTEN, LEARN, ACTION PLAN.action-planning-1

  1. Honest diagnosis. Are you in hell’s hallway? Ask for an honest evaluation from a crucial other. Read – Crowell’s Gut Check 
  2. Decision Time.
    Stay in the hallway
    Return to former room
    Move to new room
    Read – Decision Time 
  3. What is your choice? If you chose to find a new room move ahead to number 3. Otherwise, stop reading this WOH.
    Think, don’t feel. Live your way out with your conscious mind. 5% of what you do is conscious mind; 95% from your subconscious mind. It was your subconscious mind that got you stuck or trapped in hallway living.
  4. Focus on your will; the engine of the mind. Grow your will power. You grow will power in five ways. It is hard and painful yet so worth the work. Study WOH – Your Belief System.  Use the rule of 6.
  5. Studying starts with reading them 6 times then 1 time daily for 21 days. Practice PJ + P + E + PC = win the moment to win the day. Read – HELLO MY HERO!  



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