“Learning important truth principles is like mining for gold because life truths are more precious than much fine gold and silver.” -FC

Rule of 6 is a precious life truth more precious than gold and silver.

The master teacher of master teachers was not willing to teach life-changing principles to the casual learner. In fact, He taught in parables because sincerity, an eagerness to learn and with intent to “DO” were His requirements.

If a miner is not willing to relentlessly mine, no gold or silver will be found.

Likewise, learning cannot happen without mining. Thankful Dr. William Bright taught us the rule of 6.

Mining a book means reading it 6 times.

Seeing the hidden truths of an inspiring movie deepens each time it is viewed. On view number 6 the movie becomes part of your life.

Repetitive review or practice is one of the four pillars of changing the way we believe and act. You can discover the other 3 pillars in a past Words of Hope at

Last week a colleague asked me this question. “How come so few people want to grow and change?”

Gold and silver miners will tell us mining is really hard work, very expensive and demanding of uncommon patience.

Same goes for mining Life Changing truths.

Only 20% of people want to change based on the 80/20 rule.

Are you one of the 20% people or do you fall in the 80% group?

Keep track of how you mine the Rule of 6.

One example: Les Mis came to Spokane. One of our granddaughters played a leading role. I attended 13 of the performances. Without intent, I found myself singing the amazing songs. Les Mis had become part of me. I had mined it well.