Thomas Kelly, while a student at Haverford and Harvard in the early 1900s, made a yes decision. “I am going to make my life a miracle.” Indeed, Professor Kelly realized his decision to be a miracle even though he died at the early age of 48. Kelly was a “game changer.”

Dr. Kelly came into my life in the late 1990s. On a cold winter day in Spokane, I boarded an ALASKA jet for the umpteenth time, working to keep NBC Alaska alive and well. I dreaded leaving the family.  

I recall vividly, the loneliness and despair I felt seated on a long flight from Seattle to Anchorage.

NBC Alaska has been dear to my heart and for this reason, in spite of many challenges, “never quit” and the relentless pursuit of excellence (RPE) have been my charge.  

It was in this dark hour the Lord spoke to me. I was reading Devotional Classics; Selected Readings for Individuals and Groups. Page 173 introduced me to Dr. Thomas Kelly.

It was a decision point. I said, “yes.” I dedicated myself to be a miracle for the remaining days of my life. Obviously; this does not mean perfection. It means to have goals and a meaning & purpose with a crystal clear destination in mind.

20 years later it is natural for me to say to any and all, “You are a miracle.” If asked, “Why am I a miracle?” the answer is decisive and accurate: you are a miracle because God made you.

Since I embraced being a miracle on that lonely flight to Alaska, my life took on new meaning and direction. It never ceases to amaze me how people of all ages respond positively when I say, “I know something very special about you; you are a miracle.”

Knowing God created us to be His miracle, our gift to Him is to act like a miracle.