Four words, Needed this….my struggle!

From early morning hours to nearly lunch time no words for Daily Words of Hope with Fred came to my mind. Susie encouraged me to wait and let it happen.

Waiting is not an easy task. Waiting is a skill. It takes practice. 

I waited; prayed; rested. No sparks of enlightenment.

On my office computer was a four-word email message in response to the Words of Hope SO EASY SO HARD message.

Needed This… My Struggle was the spark needed for today’s WOH!  

Truth be told, at times life is so, so hard and difficult for everyone of us. It isn’t if it is going to be hard; it is only when.

Best time to prepare for the hard times is when you are living in the good times. James gives us excellent instruction.

Life is so, so hard yet so, so wonderful. Living to love Creation, all of it, is a joy for all of us to grasp and cling to with all our might.

No wonder James gives us a solid formula to deal with trials, adversity, loss, poor health and difficult times. James wants us to be able to walk through these trials with victory. These are the teaching steps St. James carved out in his remarkable book called, James.

Step One – Count it Pure Joy when you face trials (Even cancer). – James

Step Two – Embrace and cling to Gratitude. “Be joyful always; pray w/o ceasing; give thanks in everything.” – I Thessalonians.

Step Three – Trials and tribulations grow Faith.  “Without faith, it is impossible to please God.”  – Hebrews

Step Four – Faith is the discipline that develops EnduranceEndurance is a never quit attitude.  – I Corinthians

Step Five – Endurance is a necessity in building Pure CharacterPure character is getting rid of all residual anger and resentments. – I Timothy

Step Six – Pure Character is the Precious Tool in your Life Skills tool box that prepares you for any hardship life presents you.

St. James Formula for Winning Life with a joyful and grateful attitude:

PJ + G + F + E + PC = PT

Pure Joy + Gratitude + Faith + Endurance + Pure Character = Precious Tool