Key Statement: Death Moments and death are inevitable. Yet both death moments and death are subject matters seldom discussed except at funerals.

Elegant question. What is it about death moments and death subject matters people avoid like the Black Plague that swept London years ago?

A faithful Words of Hope reader said, “I didn’t like DEATH MOMENT(s) PART 1

“Why didn’t you like it?” I asked.

“Where was the HOPE? You usually end each WOH with inspiration?” Was the answer.

Indeed I did not leave Death Moments with an inspiring quote or story.


Death moments, just like death are solo experiences. Twins come into the world one by one; not at the same time. Each twin has their personalized birth experience.

At the final breath life ends. We leave as we entered. Alone, we take no one with us.

Silence is the best friend of both death moments and death.

For this reason, God the Creator designed a beautiful garden deep in our souls. My view is this is not a public garden. It is a private garden. No one can go to my garden with me, no matter how much I wish to take my loved ones with me there.

Thus the name I give it is Secret Garden. It is my secret and mine alone.

Waiting for me there is Abba Father, The Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

There is not language I can use to tell you what my secret garden is like. All I can say is that there is no place on earth like it. Yet some days life gets in the way and I can’t even find it myself.

What is the key to finding our secret gardens?

The sacred place is key. A sacred place is where you make it to be. Some days I light a candle. Some days I go to the woods, a vast and private room.

My first time journeying to my Sacred Place, I put 3 minutes on my timer, as that was as long as I could not go without anxiety or thinking about all I had to do. My times in the garden were very short in those days.

Twenty years of hard work creating sacred places wherever I might be has given me the self-discipline tools to spend as many as 8 hours in my Secret Garden.

So where is the hope in this WOH?

It is found in your own secret garden, it is found in the finding or the returning to your own sacred place.

The question is, “Do you have the willpower and self-discipline to create a sacred place, where you can begin the difficult inner journey leading you to your secret garden?”

It is really that simple, yet so difficult to experience.

Not sure you can find it? Looking for hope? Listen to this beautiful invitation to your own secret garden.