KEY STATEMENT: If you have experienced a death moment you are never the same. If you have not experienced a death moment, be prepared because you will likely have a death moment experience.

Definition of a death moment: A time when everything in your life stands still; a moment when nothing else in the world matters except this moment. Most often the pain is overwhelming and nothing in life makes sense.

The death moment can be likened to a bad dream; unfortunately, it is not a dream, it is reality.

Death moments either make you or break you. Your death moments either lock you up in jail or propel you to a new experience with freedom, peace, and joy.

Have you experienced a death moment?

What was this experience like for you?

Are you presently in a death moment experience?

Do you know how to get out of these death moment experiences?

Daily Words of Hope with Fred Crowell were birthed from a death moment experience.

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer; no formulas and most often the way out of these death moments are exactly like the real deal we call death; our final breath on this earth. We go out alone. We take nothing with us.

Victory over death moments is found in silence. Of course, living support groups are precious and so helpful, yet they are not enough.

gardenThe God and Creator made a Secret Garden for each of His children. It is our responsibility to create a Sacred Place so that we can find this personalized garden where we find the tools to find life, to win death moments.

My joy has been writing over 400 WOH’s to help me visit my Sacred Garden daily. These Words of Hope are my gift to you.

Looking for hope? Come to the Garden and listen to a beautiful invitation to your own secret garden.