Words of Hope: Admirable Faith

My dear friend Josh met Dad in Hawaii. Josh brought his daughter to camp and spent the days watching the coaches and observing. He had drifted away from God, his family, and his life purpose. At the end of the week, Josh dedicated his life and heart again to God and experienced transformation. He is one of the most loving and thoughtful people you will ever meet. 

Dad loved Josh and Josh loved Dad. They both lived faith from the inside out. I admired my Dad’s faith. He was more loving, compassionate, truthful, good, powerful, and brave because of his belief in Christ. When people mock or condemn Christianity, I believe it is because someone who claimed to follow Christ didn’t live out the qualities of the faith, the characteristics. But I also know Hypocrisy isn’t just a Christian issue; it is a human issue. Christianity makes it more glaring because of such a high character expectation. I often struggle falling short but not in the ways I expected. It’s funny because when I was younger, I didn’t think I fell short; in fact, I was very proud of my piety. Now, I see my piety was more a hindrance to faith, blinding me with pride, self-satisfaction, and personal merit. I was thankful for the things I did NOT do and missed all the things God asked me to do. Dad reminded me to be loving more than to be self-righteous. Christianity is incredible because it can’t be self-manufactured. I can’t be the person I aspire to be on my own strength. I can’t be perfect, holy, compassionate, gentle, patient, self-effacing, or giving. When I come to God, seek Him, and am filled with His Holy Spirit, the change occurs. This change is what Josh experienced—this inside-out transformation. This submersion into a new life.

“Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth.” – I John 3:18