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So, as a really tall guy (6’8") who constantly has problems with even tall clothes not fitting right, I really loved the fit on this, and the material was surprisingly nice. The quality is not great – I ordered four, and two of the four had big bunches of thread sticking out on the shoulders…but it’s a pretty inexpensive shirt (especially considering how much tall sizes can typically run) so I’m not too hung up on that. The colors were all pretty nice, except for the Aquatic Blue which is really, really bright – the picture on Amazon doesn’t do it justice, it’s like electric blue, almost neon, and I don’t care for it. So I wouldn’t recommend that color unless you like standing out in a crowd, but other than that the shirts are a pretty good deal.
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Better to say: "It fits BETTER than expected!!!" My husband is 5’11" and 340 lbs…these fit WONDERFULLY!! Just enough extra in the length to allow for a bit of shrinkage. PERFECT!!
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