If you have eyes, use them to see both external and internal beauty.

How our eyes observe color through tinted lenses is comparative to how our emotional state affects our outlook on life. Our current mood can taint and distort the world around us, just like looking through shaded lenses of gray, green, yellow, red or blue glass, changes the object under observation.

In depression everything is colored gray, all creation is viewed in dull gray colors.

In envy and jealousy everything is colored green, all creation is viewed in scarcity not abundance and enough is never enough.

In eating, drinking and being merry colors everything bright yellow for a time, but addiction is likely an end result.

In anger and bitterness everything is colored red, aggression, harsh words and violence are the outcome.

In laziness and sloth everything is a shade of blue, an unproductive life of dependency is the result.

Jesus taught that the eyes are the light to our souls. Only when we see and live in harmony and rhythm with all the colors in God’s creation will we be able to truly see.

Important questions:

Did you see a magnificent flower today?
Did you see pain in a tired face today?
Did you give anyone oxygen (encouragement) today?
Have you asked forgiveness and wanted to know how your transgression felt to the other person?
Have you enjoyed a deep laugh with someone today?
Have you noticed how you feel about life today?
Have you let God love you today?

Eyes are a precious gift. The human eye can see a lit candle one mile away, yet if not focused correctly they cannot see pain or sorrow and another opportunity to shed light slips away.