Tonight’s big win at OCU. 

Had an amazing motivation message prior to the game from my close friend Coach Fred Crowell. Fred has a unique gift of helping young men see their destiny! He then had to go watch his granddaughter perform in a play. No pressure Fred we are going to fly you out 9 more times this year;)

We then listened to the FIJI rugby pregame song. We always celebrate singing their post-game song but first time we listened to the song they sing before battle. Then listened to King of my Heart and then talked about the difference in David and the other cowards who were scared of Goliath. His Heart. The talked about Jesus and how he came from David’s heart and bloodline and how he came as a servant and in love as a lamb for us. He was a warrior though and stood up for weak and healed the sick. He drew the line in the sand saving a prostitute from stoning. I think he would have stopped them physically if necessary but He knew how to fight with love. He took the greatest stand in battle of all time first showing His power to His disciples by calming the storm and walking on the water, feeding 5000, and so many more Miracles, but He first demonstrated His plan to defeat Hell and the grave when He let Lazarus, His friend, die and get put in the Cave Grave of darkness for 3 days. He wept as he saw how sad Mary was when he arrived at the tomb. He then showed His power and future plan by telling Lazarus to come out of the darkness and back into the light! Then he took a beating and took a stand of unprecedented love on the cross where his leverage to stand was nails in his feet to push up to breath and his fist were not used to fight but instead nailed to the cross where he had to pull up to breath. After he bled for us and took all our sin and pain, Jesus went to war by saying it is finished, he declared war on hell and after defeating hell and all sin, Satan and Satan’s demons, Jesus did what He showed us He was going to do with Lazarus. He called the game-winning shot and won victory coming out of the grave! Greatest Victory of all time.  

We played ok the 1st half up 7 at the break. 

So at half, we all go in and I play powerful worship music playing. I have a table set up in the center of the locker room. I roll out another cooler full of grapes, strawberries, blackberries, plums, and Gatorade. An amazing feast. I explain that in 23rd Psalms. God prepared a table in the midst of battle right in the midst of their enemies. We, because of Jesus victory, are playing from a place of victory, not striving for victory. We are to claim this victory and I read about 7 versus speaking to the power we are promised when we focus on fulfilling His plan and bringing Glory to the King.  Allowing the Spirit of God to fully flow and not hinder it by our own weaknesses. Allow God to use our weakness instead of us allowing our weakness to own us. 

Guys came out and buried OCU. Game was over before we left the locker room. Funny how when you tap into the power of the King. You can’t even explain how or what just happened, but one thing is for certain. God was Glorified and we focused on humility to the end.