THEORY OF 21 – Bryan Luci

These past 30 hours have been lived in the fashion of a Crowell Core Value. I called it EEA (Exceed Expectations Always). Up at 2:30 to catch a 5am flight to Southern California, all day meetings at Vanguard University; then a 7am flight back to Spokane.

Upon our arrival at Vanguard Coach Rhett Soliday set the table for Shawn Stetson and I to explore bringing NBC THAILAND college bound, hopeful hoopers to the U.S. for premier basketball exposure.

Our meeting exceeded our expectations as Coach Rhett is a Master EEA man, so it was an awesome experience. Thanks Coach Rhett!

Yet, far too often the service we receive is unsatisfactory. Once I paid handsomely for a car to be detailed. I got a C job. When I pointed out the flaws the response was contempt. In this case my expectations were wrong, and it was actually a good job, but I still give it a C. 

I always experience delight when the job requested exceeds my expectations. We all know the feelings that go with expectations.  Expect a great meal; get a poor meal, a real bummer. Not sure about a movie, but it turns out to be fabulous, or a new favorite. Hurray!

Bummer is opening a big, beautifully decorated box expecting an amazing present then to have to fake joy and appreciation.

Years ago on an NBC basketball tour Susie and I led, we all had secret pals. My secret pal was not participating. Not one card or gift was given, so I began to complain saying, “What’s up secret pal?” No response.

Finally, one day I received a box. It looked like my secret pal had really deceived only to bless me. The gift looked great! My expectations soared!

Oh Jennifer, the daughter of all daughters, she was pregnant for the first time. She was ill, every day, and my gift was a bag of her daily sickness. To the entire team it was a hilarious moment…

Not for me.

These life experiences motivated me to challenge the team at NBC to embrace EEA as a core value.

Today as I was in the air, Brian Luci, Senior VP Marketing, PHILADELPHIA INSURANCE COMPANIES sat next to me on my Alaska flight. Bryan shared his companies core value; THEORY OF 21.

This means, keep trying for 21 years to get a client to say yes. 21 years? Wow!

Seems possible to me until I counted the years I have been committed to NBC CHINA without the expected success.

I figure about 14 years of my life has been given to the China effort. This means 7 more years living out Crowell RPR (RELENTLESS PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE), and I should be there. 

Lord, thank you for the amazing privilege to travel with Shawn, a personal treasure, to be with Rhett and his Vanguard family.

You are so faithful to bring remarkable things into my life. Today I choose to embrace the Theory of 21.


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