Let’s delight in children. Enjoy these photos and videos of kids at NBC camps.

“Dad I never knew how much you loved me until I had a child.”  – Thankful Father

“All I have ever wanted to be is a basketball coach because I love children and I love to see them grow and develop.”  -High school coach

If you want to be young all the days of your life, act like a child because they never grow old.  -An old, happy man.

Some ideas to be young again:

Laugh like a child for 15 seconds. Fake it if you must.

Play with a little one – get down on the floor.

Write a child a funny note on a funny card.

Sing a few old songs you learned as a child.

Dance with little kids. 

Love is an attitude. Attitudes can be controlled through personal discipline. Love, thus is a decision of the will.

Choose to love; especially children. The rewards are worth it all.

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