Meaning and purpose are jet fuel for life. Tell me in 30 seconds or less your reason for living!

Years ago one of basketball’s premier coaches expounded on basketball being mostly a mental game. A great high school coached believed winning was 75% mental!

When cancer hit me, it hit hard, meaning and purpose became a prime question for me. The learning curve has been steep, the obstacles often as rugged as the high peaks a sheep hunter faces on a record-breaking hunt.

The more research spent the more it became crystal clear M/P (meaning and purpose) was the cornerstone, the most critical yet least understood, and executed success principle on planet earth.

Think this is an exaggerated statement? Do your own research.

Ask 20 people to tell you why they are alive.

Ask 20 college students why they are in school.

Ask 20 people why they go to work.

My research suggests the 80/20 rule is for real. 80% don’t know their M/P!

Pretty sad to spend up to 50,000 dollars per year and not be able to state in crystal clear terms why you are at a particular university.

Even sadder, to wake up each day and ho-hum through life without knowing and working on your M/P.

36 years ago in Meet My Head Coach, I listed four ways to see amazing personal changes. In December please join me in discovery at a deeper level our M/Ps for 2016.

Step One:

What is the truth about me? Not what I say I am but what God says about me.

Step Two:

What are my blind spots, recognition is my first step to finding true M/P!

Step Three:

Confess any and all things as sin in my life that robs or steals the fruits of the Spirit in my life.

Step Four:

Live gratitude the linchpin to living a virtuous life. Each day write out five gratitudes.

Fuel our life jets with meaning and purpose so we bring honor and glory to God and our loved ones.