It is my personal conviction that Christianity is the greatest of all philosophical, psychological and theological systems. Unfortunately, this miracle system is possibly the poorest taught and least understood. The great difficulty with the Christ system is that it cannot be comprehended using normal human logic because the story is miraculous and defies logic. 

The Christ system stands far above all philosophical, psychological and theological systems because it is spiritual. All religions have great platitudes, behavior rules, writings of their leaders. But Christ far excels all these virtues. The key is opening the door to know Christ. Then He miraculously floods our lives with His life. His desires then become our desires, His thoughts our thoughts. His forgiveness cleanses our hearts. This is far different than following man-made rules of behavior.

If none of this makes sense, it may be an indication you have not experienced being born again. However, it was written about Jesus: “But to all who received (welcomed) Him, He gave the right to become children of God…to all who believe on His name (trust Him to save them).”  Then, and only then, will the Christ system make sense.

A dear friend, Jose Hernandez, exemplifies this. He came to the USA from Venezuela to play basketball at a junior college in Texas. Now 30 years later, he still can tell you the time, place and exact details of His accepting Christ’s forgiveness and turning to follow Christ as Lord of his life. Today, as Jose works at Gonzaga University, he will also tell you this was the most significant decision of his life. It changed the direction he was going, and he entered the Christ system for his philosophical, psychological and theological insights and way of life.

The true test is whether you can describe a born-again experience you have had. What was it like for you? It is quite simple. This life-altering choice is to personally invite Jesus to come into your life, as Jose did. Then THE CHRIST SYSTEM will make sense!