“I will offer to YOU the sacrifice of thanksgiving & will call on the name of the Lord.” Psalm 116:17

Our Special Day dedicated to being extra thankful typically begins in the early morning hours with Susie by a warm fireplace reading her Bible.

Today as we give thanks around a beautiful table loaded with delicious food, the grace of love and gratitude will be the perfect setting to expand on the sacrifices of thanksgiving. We will read beginning in Psalm 116:17 all the way to the end of Psalm 118.

To kick start our thankful engines I offer these riches of thanksgiving:

  • For His mercy and loving kindness endures forever.
  • For setting me free.
  • For the Lord being on my side.
  • For the Lord is my strength & song.
  • For being my God & I will confess, praise, & give thanks to YOU; YOU are my God, I will extol you.

Important Point: the only reason it is possible to be able to say these thanks is because they are the Lord’s Words not mine. Let it be known “Fred Crowell” is not who I say I am, or what you say I am. The truth is I am who God says I am. Thankfully all of us become equal as we come to the cross of Jesus. He alone sets us free.

Blessed Thanksgiving to all dear friends.