Young children do it the best! They get so excited to see people they love. They run, jump in arms (confident to be caught!), gleefully screaming with joy.

Airport arrivals are a fun place to watch people–so excited to see each other! Conversely, departure areas often show tearful goodbyes.

SO EXCITED TO SEE YOU! Who would you be so excited to see?

Our youngest two grandchildren are in Japan. I have not seen them in months. Just the thought of seeing them and hearing their “LaLa and Papa C” bring excitement, joy, and happiness.

A few days ago, many of us were asked to take some time to meditate on this question: “What has it been like for you these past two days since celebrating the resurrection of Jesus?”

Closing my eyes, I pictured Jesus on the cross. He endured it for the joy that awaited Him. He had accomplished His goal of redeeming humanity for love. His punishment brought us peace. He looked right through the cross to the coming joy also of returning to His Father (Ephesians 1:20-23, Hebrews 12:2). I am sure ABBA Father was as excited to see His Son Jesus come home forever. Jesus would be home for good.

I realize that I, too, will have that profound joy when I see Jesus who died for me. Yet, I will also have deep joy when I see others in their real home: my mom after 56 years, my Uncle Walt, my best friend Joe T., Chuck Hepworth (NBC Camps die-hard coach), and many others. Many high fives, hugging, kissing on the cheeks, dancing when the Lord calls me home, and I see them! Because Jesus lives, I too will live (John 14:19).

Meanwhile, I am SO EXCITED TO SEE YOU here. What joy can we have with each other here?