“The riches of life demand searching with a pure heart with relentless pursuit of truth and love.”

Often in the counseling setting, we role played to discover the root of a present problem. One technique I often used was imagery. Humans, unlike the animal kingdom, were given the gift of imagination!

With clients void of the skills necessary to deal with their present problem, which most often was not the real problem, the client was asked to imagine sitting in a kitchen. As they sat in contemplation in the make believe kitchen, I asked them to look at the closet door. Inside this closet is the “stuff” you need to look at and examine.

Typically the client was afraid to open the door for fear they would not be able to successfully face the “monster in the closet.”

For this reason, I believe the Psalmist ends 139 with these words, “Search me….” For the next 24 hours, let’s do a search.  Let’s find out what we need to see in our inner life.