Resentment is a signal light telling us to stop or go!

Resentment is a gut feeling, telling us something is quite wrong.

Resentment ignored turns to bitterness like grapes turn to wine. Bitterness ignored turns to vengeance like mash to 100% proof moonshine!

Resentment has two purposes. Using the hand to illustrate and vividly explain the two sides of resentment see the palm of the hand in this manner.

The palm of the hand is the gentle side.  Reach to a dog with palm facing up. This is a sign of peace. It is not aggressive yet it is an indication of confidence.

Palms down is you telling others their actions are creating negative feelings. You are kindly asking them to stop doing what they are doing or start what they are not doing.

Palms down resentment is your signal to change what you are doing to create these feelings. The question here is, Who do I need to forgive?

Palms down is most often the first step in dealing with resentment resolution. Change myself and others will change as I change.

Palms up is speaking your truth in love. “I need to tell you what you are doing is causing resentment in my spirit. I am asking you to…,

Fact is resentment is expensive. Resentment extracts a big payment. Sort of like the IRS or student loans. Compound interest comes into play. Ignore a payment and bang! You begin paying interest on top of interest. 

Resentment is a red light! Stop! Who are you mad at? Yourself or somebody else?

Palms down is your cry to the Lord, please change me, forgive me Lord, forgive me friend, forgive me family. 

Palms down is to be brave. Whisper with the courage to tell others what you need, whether it be please stop or please start.

It is vital to diagnose when dealing with Palms Up Resentment Resolution is the person intentionally hurting you or are their actions unintentional?

If intentional, it is a very very serious – either it stops or the relationship stops. If there is no relationship. This is where courage must find itself in us.

If unintentional, exercise patience. Any movement in the right direction deserves encouragement.

Forgiveness is your get out of jail free card. The absence of un-forgiveness is joy. Joy is gratitude, it’s gestures are a gorgeous flower or a sunny morning

Jesus nailed to the cross – Palms up

“Father forgive them they do not know what they do.”

Jesus Speaking to Peter – Palms down

“Get thee behind me Satan.”