KEY STATEMENT: Too much to do. Spent the past two months trying to clear my plate, feels like running in quicksand.

In what way or manner would any or all of the quote above describe you? I hope you find yourself in some of this quote because if you don’t you are either in denial or you are a sluggard. (Did you read Bella Crowell-Ferch’s Words of Hope titled CHREIA? It’s worth your read.)

How would you mentor or counsel the one who told me he feels like he is running in quicksand? Your wisdom is welcome at fred@nbccamps.com.  

snakeMy friend’s metaphor for TIME TRAP is quicksand. The metaphor for my TIME TRAP is roto-rooter; the mean machine that chases me down the inescapable tunnel of life. Stop and you get eaten.

What is your metaphor for your TIME TRAP? Send it to fred@nbccamps.com. It would be fun and very interesting to compile a list. One common one is alligators; another is greedy in-law (smile).

Ready for some sage wisdom from a 75-year old who no longer can outrun his personal roto-rooter?

Step One: Stop running from the roto-rooter; stop running in quicksand. BE STILL; BE SILENT. WAIT on the LORD.

Step Two: Give it all up. Release your destiny to the one and only worthy Shepherd. Let the Spirit work for you.

Step Three: Give thanks. Put on the clothing of kindness, gratitude, and thanksgiving. For me, it means go hug the roto-rooter. Play with the quicksand.

Step Four: Make your IT LIST – read WOH titled the IT PHENOMENA.

Step Five: ASK for help from worthy Crucial OTHERS. Those with PTR; proven track records and WOBI; worthy of being imitated.

Finally, breathe if you have breath.