Key Statement:  The IT of life is anything and everything that is on our radar screen. The IT demands our time, energy, and attention. The phenomena is that each time we eliminate one IT, another IT takes its place. Too often multiple ITS pop up.

True story:  this past week I worked early as usual. The difference this morning was my mind was being bombarded by The IT Phenomena 

With thoughts racing through my head like grasshoppers hunting for food, my joy and peace were starving for attention. 

Like in basketball, when things get out of control, and the team is not playing well it is time to call timeout. 

Emotional and spiritual timeouts for me force me to go back to my home plate. For me, baseball is a great metaphor for my spiritual and emotional life.

Home plate for me is Psalm 23.

Thoughts become words, words become habits, habits become actions, actions become destiny.

“The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want.”

This means letting go of all THE ITS.

“He makes me lie down in green pastures and sets me beside still waters.”

Stop, think, this is not white knuckle time. 

Breathe, relax. Win the moment. 

“He restores my soul.”

He gives the resources to win THE ITS.

“He leads me in the path of righteousness for his name sake.”

Jesus put his reputation on the line when He called me his brother, His son, and His ambassador. My only task is to surrender and let Him work in my life today.

By the time I have thought and spoke each word of Psalm 23 THE ITS have become its. 

My joy and peace are well fed and the strength to pick off each IT from most to least important is attacked with renewed energy.

Bring on THE ITS one by one, for one day there will be no more ITS.