“One of luckiest men I know is me.”

This morning as I looked out at the Pacific Ocean from the 17th floor, I felt like the luckiest man on the planet.

My Bible lay opened to Psalm 20. In November 1977, my wife Susie read this Psalm. In the margins in her Bible she wrote, B.O.Y. Against all medical counsel, her daily prayer for a son was answered February 4, 1979.

Psalm 20 is rich with promises of hope. Psalm 20 is a place I run to when I face discouragement and challenges.  “May He give you the desires of your heart and make all your plans succeed.”

Since I believe all things work together for good, it was not an accident my Bible was opened to Psalm 20 today.

As you know from reading Words of Hope with Fred Crowell know I have been walking through troubled waters. Psalm 20 is my reality. All is good with me and I pray with you as well.  

Luck is not a word I normally use, yet today I feel so lucky to be so happy, so in love with life and so blessed doing NBC Camps. Soon Susie and I celebrate 53 years of marriage. My two children and their life partners and five grandkids bring immense joy.

Today is Psalm 20 day. Today I will deeply mine the truths and promises the Lord gives us in this amazing Psalm.