“But Jesus didn’t trust them because He knew human nature.”  – St. John

The words “protection” and “guard” have been on my mind and my heart these past days.

I confess, I really don’t know why.

Could it be March Madness?  Basketball games are won or lost based on a team’s ability to protect the basketball and guard against team’s scoring baskets or stealing the ball. I saw games lost because they did not do this well.

Or it could be due to the daily news I read or hear where terrorists kill; tragic violence is reported incessantly. Protection and guarding against violence is on all of our minds.

Regardless of the reasons, protecting and guarding the mind has been heavy on my heart, it is vital if we wish to function without fear, worry and anxiety.

Clearly, each of us are one call away from good or bad news. Ignatius called this being in a state of consolation or desolation. The wise saint said, “Cheer up if you are discouraged because joy is coming. Enjoy if you are in consolation because bad news is sure to come.”

Think of ways you protect your mind. What is your best go to method for protecting or guarding your mind?

My best go to is a technique my beloved spiritual mentor, Father Bernie Tyrrell, taught me. It is called Mind Fasting, Spirit Feasting.  

You literally starve the mind of negative thinking and speak only positives. Stop negatives totally by quickly turning those thoughts and words to positives.

With consistent practice and faithful prayer, the Lord transforms the way we think. The Psalmist said, “Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your site oh Lord my God.”

Bonus: Write down five gratitudes each day.


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