Today you and I are at war! The battle is raging and seeking to destroy us! There are forces who oppose us! Do you know your enemies? If not, I urge you to identify them. We all have battles, whether private or public.

Fred Crowell has three major enemies. Today I choose to prepare for battle.

Enemy #1 is bone cancer. This is as deadly as a guided missile. Bone cancer wars with no rules. Cancer has one goal: To kill. There are no prisoner release programs with cancer.

Enemy #2 is CV-19, the ghost killer. In five months, it has done more harm to the USA than any foreign power in the past. Millions of people have lost their employment, thousands of businesses are ruined, and many have died. It appears CV-19 has harmed us on the macro level, bringing disunity and we are lacking the dedication as a nation united to win the battle.

Enemy #3 is the spiritual oppressor, Satan. His goal is to win all to his unrighteousness side. He knows we are nearing the end of the race and his time is short, so his aggression increases. Yet, God’s goal is for us to win many people to righteousness (Daniel 12:3). We can choose which side we are on.

This Words of Hope is dedicated to battle preparation at the micro-level, whatever the circumstances. War is here, there, everywhere… for everyone. Today, I declare war on anything that opposes my personal health, safety, and life purpose. This is the way I prepare for battle, according to Biblical words.

  1. Name the enemy. Expose the evil monster trying to steal, kill, and destroy (Psalm 35:1, John 10:10).
  2. Put on your armor (Ephesians 6:10-16).
  3. Claim God’s foretold victory because of His mercy (Deuteronomy 20:4, Daniel 9-12).

Bring it on! I like the reply of my hero, Montana mountain man, best 79-year-old basketball player in the world, father of my daughter’s husband. This is what Tom Ferch replied to a basketball player who wanted a fight: “Bring it on and bring your lunch. It is going to be an all-day job, and I’m not going to blink.”

We can be more than conquerors, overcoming the enemy against all odds or difficulties (I Corinthians 15:57-58). God will fight for us. We can be strong, stable, enduring, and courageous amid battles!

HOPE wins; enemies of HOPE lose. Let’s battle and not blink when the blows come.