This Words of Hope blog is especially for those who are experiencing hardship or helping another who is experiencing hardship, feeling defeated.

For over 400 years, the Israelites suffered in bondage because of slavery to the pharaoh of Egypt. One day it became time.  It was OUT OF EGYPT TIME! The Old Testament relates this history. 

Many, many years later the New Testament relates another OUT OF EGYPT TIME. During the reign of the tyrant King Herod, the Israelites first needed to ENTER EGYPT for their protection, not come out of Egypt. That is why Mary and Joseph, with their son Jesus, escaped Bethlehem for Egypt. Herod had put out a death warrant on all males under two years old. Only after Herod died did it become OUT OF EGYPT TIME for Jesus and His parents.

Now, in modern times, we still need an OUT OF EGYPT TIME. We need to be liberated from weaknesses/addictions that bind us. They may be laziness, gluttony, alcoholism, drugs, unforgiveness, disobedience to God’s Word, lack of love or joy. If liberated, we will experience more beauty, peace, joy, love, freedom.

As a special Words of Hope friend, may I ask you if you have an “Egypt” bondage? This may be physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. If so, 2019 may be OUT OF EGYPT TIME! For me personally, the ongoing battle is my physical health. With so much concentration on cancer, 2019 is my OUT OF EGYPT TIME to focus on weight reduction; this is my goal. 

I think of fellow survivors with these new concerns:

  • A person whose spouse just initiated a divorce.
  • A person whose spouse just died.
  • A person who became a quadriplegic.

How to confront the “Egypt” bondage:

  • Name the OUT OF EGYPT bondage.
  • Create a GAME PLAN, starting with baby steps.
  • Empty the mental backpack of negativity, using Mindful Management.
  • Ask for help, accountability, a mentor.
  • Thank God for the daily “manna” He provides on the new journey.

Who knows? You may be entering your own Canaan, your land of milk and honey!