I have been privileged to spend many years educating, encouraging, inspiring and challenging youth.  The foremost life skills have been: 

  • Winning the best game of all — Lifeball
  • Never quitting but keeping on
  • Exceeding parents’ expectations and example
  • Recovering quickly after failure
  • Loving people
  • Serving with a joyful heart
  • Delighting in hard work
  • Loving the Lord our God with all heart, soul and mind.

Yet, to steer these life skills there are two crucial educational tools every parent, educator, coach should teach, even to their own sons and daughters. 

The first tool is MINDFUL MANAGEMENTThe mind is the engine that drives the body with its actions. The ability to manage the mind’s thoughts and subsequent words is the single most important skill for humanity, regardless of gender, race or nationality. If you cannot control the mind, it is impossible to control the body.

The second tool is SELF-REGULATION, meaning self-control, existential self-discipline. Self-regulation is your best friend or your worst enemy, depending on whether you have embraced or avoided self-discipline. Self-regulation makes your personal Mindful Management take responsibility. It is far superior than relying on others to be your motivation, inspiration and correction.

How to practically apply these two tools — Mindful Management and Self-Regulation — will be looked at tomorrow!  Hope you will enjoy and learn!


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