Solomon has wisdom for those of us willing to listen, learn and do.

“Fools fold their hands leading to ruin.”

And yet.

“Better to have one handful with quietness than two handfuls with hard work and chasing the wind.”

Seems to me Solomon is helping us learn from his vast experience to find balance, between folding our hands, doing nothing, and working our hands to the bones to have as much as we can possibly get.

Much of my professional life has been two-fisted living. Solomon calls this chasing the wind. There was a time I had three jobs going at the same time. Counselor at Spokane Community College, owner of a counseling and basketball camp business.

Both hands were full. I grew weary.

Yet as Solomon carefully uses this word to change the course of the conversation, he speaks to the opposite. Idle hands. Idle hands are foolishness.

This speaks to ways that I am idle. Rather than focus on the millions of Americans who refuse to work, my heart tells me to focus on ways I can unfold my hands and improve my life. Daily walks is the first one to come to mind.

Dear friends, who faithfully read my Words of Hope, what does Solomon say to you?

In what ways are you living the two-fisted life?

In what way are you living the folded hands life?

I wonder if there is a connection to the idea that God is our right hand. Just maybe if we allow God to be our right hand, the source of power, and our left hand, our own power, life will be lived in the land of ease and grace.

Ease and grace is where I want to live today. Please join me.