The Crowell-Ferch family delights in really good movies. The great ones we watch over and over again. 

Over 30 years ago, SILVERADO was a family favorite. Brian Dennehy played a rugged, tough sheriff. In a showdown, he said about one self-proclaimed gunslinger: “He was NOT HAVIN’ ANY.”

My life experience tells me daily we have a personal decision to live out positive hope or live as if there is no hope. Either we say “I can’t” or “I can”; “I am a loser” or “I am a winner.”

More often than not, when the going gets really tough and someone backs away from responsibility, my wife and I find ourselves quoting the sheriff: “NOT HAVIN’ ANY!” This has become a family laughing point, a trigger to buck up and face the challenge.

We can either:





Or we can:





“NOT HAVIN’ ANY” can be the lifestyle to “Bring It On!” Why? St. Paul expressed it well: “I can do all things through Christ who gives me the strength.”

Our choice!  We can choose to NOT HAVE ANY of the fear and to rise to the challenge because of Christ’s strength.