MENTORS – A Worthy Coach

“A worthy mentor is one of the most valuable people leaders, parents, coaches, and peoples of all professions can have in navigating through life.” – Jennifer Crowell Ferch

The two vital qualifications of a mentor are one who has a proven track record (PTR) and is worthy of being imitated (WOBI).

Crucial question – why is it rare for?

  • Married people to have an older couple who gives wisdom.
  • A basketball coach willing to take counsel without being defensive.
  • Leaders to be willing to listen to a qualified mentor.

What makes it so difficult to ask these questions?

  • Father to son, “Son, I love you. How can I be a better dad?”
  • Coach to their player, “I appreciate coaching you. Is there anything I AM doing to hinder you from playing your best?”
  • Spouse to spouse. “What is one thing I can do for you this week that will encourage you?”
  • Business leaders to their team. “Please tell me how you and I are doing? I need you to help me not fail.”

Who is your mentor?

Twenty years ago, at age 59, I sought out a mentor. For the better part of 18 years, Father B has been my spiritual mentor. He has been invaluable.

For the past 16 years, Nate Riggan has been my financial mentor. He is very wise.

Who are your mentors?

It takes an effort to find good mentors. It takes discipline to stay in regular communication. Until Father B, due to age and health, was forced to transfer to California, we met every two weeks.

Who is your mentor? 

Young guy marries – No serious long-term mentoring – Result – Divorce

Coach gets a big-time job – No quality mentor – gets fired

Parents – Train their children without mentoring – Kids get messed up

Businessman loses tons of money – No mentor

Christian wanders in the spiritual desert – No mentor

Who is your mentor?