It is a proven fact a person’s first impression by another happens in the first 30-60 seconds. Once this impression is formed, it is very difficult to change. Therefore, the solution to making a first good impression is to master dressing two times at the same time.

This begs the question, “How do you dress two times at the same time?” The answer is by simply imagining each article of clothing represents a character trait. However, before you begin this imagination, the first issue to address is the desire to look good, the want to. If you have the want to, the how-to becomes relatively easy.

As you prepare for the day, I suggest you do the following:

  • When looking in the mirror, dress your face with a smile and eyes with light. Smiles cost nothing, so there is no room for a frown.
  • When putting on an article of clothing, as socks, consider also putting on a character trait, as joy, peace, or gentleness.
  • When you are fully dressed with several articles of clothing, you will also be dressed with several chosen character traits for your day. These will determine the kind of day you choose to experience. (See Colossians 3:12-14).

Here’s a true narrative, exemplifying the two-times dressing. A successful architect wanted a high-priced building design. Big payday! He consulted his friend who knew this client. Question: “Do you have any advice when I meet the business owner?” The friend’s answer: “Get rid of your beard. He will never give you the job if you go into the meeting with your beard.”

The architect was offended. “I am the best architect in the city. If I give him the best ideas he should give me the job.” His friend’s response was: “I know this man. He still will never give you the job.”

The architect went to meet the owner dressed well but still with the full beard. He made an excellent presentation, but he was not awarded the contract. “I got robbed!” declared the architect. “I gave him the lowest bid and the best ideas. Why did I not get the job?” The friend’s reply: “You valued your beard more than the high-paying contract.”

The architect did not dress twice for an important meeting.


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