Key Statement: You listen with your eyes. What you don’t see is often more important than what you can see.

True Story: 10:30 PM, dark, bitter cold, winter night. Anacortes, Washington. Crowell boys, Mike and Fred heating two bricks on the oil stove to take to their upstairs beds where there was no heat.

Dad emerges from his bedroom; dressed for work at Everett Plywood and Door; Night shift at $2.00 an hour. Dad Crowell was in a bad mood. Tan cap, tan jacket, tan trousers, angry face.

Dad opens the front door; then closes it and turns to his two eldest boys before he leaves. Boys were at first glad to see him leaving; not interested in another lecture.

Dad speaks, “Look at me.” Boys keep their heads down looking blankly at a worn carpet.

Dad screams, “LOOK AT ME!”

Crowell boy’s heads pop up with total focus on their father’s eyes knowing the dictator of this household gave a quick left or righted slap to the cheek if not obeyed.

At this moment Ellsworth Crowell delivers the best advice had had every given to his two eldest sons.

“Take a good look boys, I am going to the GD job, I hate; I hope to God someday you have a job you love.”

Turning abruptly Dad Crowell walked out the door into a winter night to drive 60 miles to a job he hated.

Fast Forward to today. 67 years later Dad’s words hit home. We listened, we learned, we acted.

Mike Crowell is a retired superintendent of schools, coached two girls teams to the state basketball championships, and is my hero. 

Fred Crowell recently received a wonderful compliment from an Alaska Basketball Official no less. Dad’s words hit home. NBC is my passion, my hope, my inspiration and most of all the tool God has given me to love and inspire youth and adults to find their true meaning and purpose in life.

The best thing about life is, “If you have breath, breathe.”  Wake up, be happy, be filled with His courage, given oxygen/encouragement to each person you meet today.

Life is so precious IF you chose to make it precious.