A wise professional athlete said, “The stars are not the athletes because without fans there would be no professional sports; fans are the true stars.”

The true star in the miracle story of the Words of Hope book is not the author; the star is YOU, especially YOU who purchased the book before it was published.

May 2020 Words of Hope Status Update: 

400 pages of Hope compiled into a beautiful hardback edition is like the final two minutes of a fantastic basketball or football game for me. Call it what you want, the final push; call it to hunker down; call it the law of the inch; call it to squeeze out an extra 10%. 

It is game time when you have a goal, task, or challenge. Starting is easy; to finish strong is hard.

For Words of Hope, the final push means 3000 additional book orders by May 30. 

My new neighbors, the Jaime family; told me without me asking or even hinting that they would sell 100 Hope books this May.

Unashamedly I ask for YOU to join me in meeting my goal for the Words of Hope book, but not for my sake. People need a daily dose of hope now more than ever. For me, hope is helping me; help you help others. Want to help others? I would love to help you do that!

Check out how Ben pre-sold 55 books in four hours, (now at 88 books pre-sold). I can only hope you have amazing neighbors like me! I have the privilege of being Ben’s (top right photo below) basketball mentor.

The following is the post that Ben’s family shared with their friends:

Ben is selling a book called Words of Hope! Can you help him hit 100 book sales? 

Ben has formed a special relationship with our neighbor, Fred Crowell. Some of you may know this sweet man. He is the founder of NBC camps. He and Ben have bonded over basketball and his puppy, Hope. Fred wrote this book, Words of Hope, as he has been battling prostate cancer for many years now. The book is a daily devotional on finding hope during the storm… whether your storm is health issues, financial concerns, relationship dips, depression, etc. 

This book will be an inspirational daily reader and it would also be a great gift for a friend going through a rough patch.

We adore Fred and have committed to selling 100 books. I think we can do it… but we will surely need your help. 

Depending on how many books we sell, the cost will be between $15-$20. 

Drop me a comment below (or text me) and I will add you to our list of purchasers. 

We truly appreciate your support and love.