Some people hide all their lives, and some people don’t know they are hiding. We seem to live in a rootless society. Our identities seem to feel lost. We seem to be a society of vagabonds!

However, I have learned three lessons from different sports regarding our personal hiding:

  • Track has taught me the finish line is often more important than the start.
  • Volleyball‘s vertical jump has taught me the importance of reaching beyond my limits and searching outside the proverbial box.
  • Golf has taught me to visualize success instead of hiding, escaping from it. This is an imagination skill with “eyes on the ball.”

Many times we are unaware that we need spiritual help because we are hiding in busyness, success satisfaction, short-term goals. Then a crisis or tragedy strips us of our self-importance and reminds us we are very human and needy. The precious present then calls us to be fully engaged. We cannot hide in the past or future when we need help.

As we lift our eyes for help to God, the maker of heaven and earth (Psalm 121:1-2), God will answer and make us special and distinctive while we are living in today’s culture. Secular existentialism, apart from God, leaves us fragile and vulnerable. But in God, our soul’s vacuum is filled. 

There is not a problem God cannot solve or a need He cannot satisfy. He is our source of security and safety, our HIDING PLACE.