One of the disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray. A profound request! Who else should be asked! His instructions were condensed to 70 words to pray with sincere humility and faith. 

What is termed as “The Lord’s Prayer” is one of my go-to places for comfort and hope (Matthew 6 and Luke 11). I am guessing I have prayed this prayer an average of six times a day, including nights, these past ten years. This would equate to over 20,000 times. 

The one phrase that has been prolific to me the past two years is “Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” This is a sincere desire to seek God’s discernment and guidance to fulfill His purpose on this earth. Is it possible to experience heaven on earth right here, right now? Yes, love, faith and hope can triumph! This is not a theoretical prayer; it is reality. It is a battle cry for the triumph of God’s kingdom.

Each day I pray for a “heaven-on-earth” experience. As most of my spiritual moments, God shows up by surprise, not by my intent or effort. Please allow me to give you what happened on February 2, 2021. It was a “heaven-on-earth” experience for me. While depositing two checks from two purchases of my Words of Hope book, the bank teller amazingly commented, “I want to buy your book!” Soon three more people made purchases. As I signed the books, there were smiles and moist eyes. It was pure joy. A thank-you note explained why the book was so important to one of them.

My hope for you is to have heaven on earth today, especially during these times when people are living in fear. Our world is good, although it may be flawed. However, it is very short compared to eternity.