You can change the world! Think big! But… start small!

Today’s world is fragile, imperiled, hurt, unknown, in a type of bubble. This is our backdrop to showing an act of kindness to every person we meet in looks, words, and actions. It will inhibit our self-pity, inspire caring, and encourage courtesy. Often it requires strength and intentionality, but it will reward handsomely!

So, be ready to do good, looking out for the needs of others without partiality, but with a compassionate and merciful heart. This may be as little as a smile, letting someone else go first, arm support, a prayer, or holding the door for another.

Why does kindness then take courage and a brave spirit? Because it is impossible to know how another person will react to our kindness. There may be fear, or the circumstance may look dark, dangerous, or scary. However, courage and kindness do not require a college degree; courage and kindness are not the birthrights of the rich or famous. Therefore, anyone can have courage and kindness. 

It is a choice “to show yourself strong” (the meaning of courage in Hebrew). Make it your daily default to have courage and be kind. You know, a seed does not grow into a tree overnight but instead takes continual watering and tending. Also, repetition is the mother of learning.

St. Paul lists kindness as one of the fruits of the Spirit in his letter to the Galatians, along with love, joy, peace, and patience. So kindness is in good company, all friends to us! St. Paul also tells us to “Be kind…tenderhearted…forgiving” (Ephesians 4:32).

We have received Jesus’ grace and compassion. What a privilege to then be Jesus to someone else today!