Food for Thought

Basketball has two seasons:  school ball; off season ball.  In each season there are two options.  The focus is either on building a great team, or working on individual skills to improve.  Time does not permit players to do both.


Kobe and LeBron came out and said they dislike travel ball and tournaments.  Later we will talk about how EURO BALL is impacting the Pro Game. If you don’t work on skills you don’t get better.


Summer ball is time to get better as a player; not as a team.  5 on 5 is not the best way to learn to play the game of Basketball. 


Basketball  Math: proves fundamental play is vital to building great teams.  1 on 1 and 5 on 5 play reinforces bad habits in the offseason, if no skill development has happened.


        32 minutes X 5 players equals 160 minutes of playing time. 

        10 players each get 16 minutes of playing time.

        10 games gives each player 2.6 hours of basketball court time!   (No wonder a parent called our office this week asking if kids would be laying around all day between games.)



NBC Camps has dedicated our company to individual skill development.  We promise each of your players will return home with serious on court skill training including taking care of the ball, knowledge to correct poor shooting form, and a plan for personal improvement. As the summer approaches now is the time to make a decision on where you want to be as a player.


Be on the lookout for more posts on this hot topic currently in the basketball world!



-Coach Crowell