“You aren’t ready to live until you are ready to die.” — Ray Eberle

My days in the book of Matthew completed. The last chapters are like the last days of our lives.

Death is the reality. What is it about death that makes us abhor discussing it? Imagine calling a friend today asking, “would you like to get lunch and talk about death today?”

Death discussions very seldom, if ever happen.

Hey Susie, “let’s talk today about our funerals; who gets my favorite eagle painting?”  “What will you do with the house if I die?”

How about having a celebration for our dear friend who has done so much for so many before, not after, they die? Novel idea? I think Susie and I will start a tradition of honoring those we love before they die.

I think I know why death is a subject seldom discussed. It’s just too painful.

Reading Matthew’s account of the death of Jesus was painful. It did not bring forth joy like reading any number of my favorite passages such as Psalm 103, “Bless The Lord O my soul and all that is within me.”

Death brings loss. Death is pain!

Jesus cried out, “ELI, ELI  lama sabachthani?” “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”

53 years ago my life was shattered when we, Crowell boys and girls saw our mother die a cruel death to pancreatic cancer.

The one and the only way to deal effectively with this experience is to know for sure what the Roman soldier who mocked Jesus said earlier, “Surely He is the Son of God.”

The Bible on my lap this morning lists 61 references on death, dead, and die; and lists 81 passages that contain life in its concordance.

Seems death is a subject worthy of discussion. What do you think?

As my dear friend, Ray Eberle spent his final days in hospice he truly lived fully because he had been ready to die before those final days hit.

Today, once again, I will have an imagination session where I will practice saying goodbye to planet earth and those who are very, very close to me. When I open my imaginary eyes; Jesus, my mother and those who loved me deeply will celebrate my victory over death greet me.

Death has no victory!