It is not good enough for a son to become as good as his father or a daughter to become as good as her mother.

Good enough means being twice as good! The son’s goal is to be twice as good as his father; the same goes for daughters.

If a child learns everything possible for their same-gender parent and in addition to all they learn from their own experience this should make them two times full of life as their mentor.

The two prime ways we learn are through personal experiences and vicarious experiences.

Personal experience is the single most effective way to learn. Failures have greater potential to build strong character than success; too much success too often creates arrogance.

Learning vicariously through the experiences of others should result in the wisdom to not do what brings sorrow, failure, and destructive results to those in our laboratory of life.  

The wise child is diligent to imitate the positive behaviors of mentors but run from their destructive behaviors.  

Children are blessed with a miracle gift. Children do not get to choose their parents; they get to choose the parent they wish to become. This is the great equalizer. We win or lose by the way we choose. Godlike character is not inherited in a written will; it is developed as it is practiced.

Some children have sensational parents and become losers in life; others have terrible parents or no parents at all and yet become sensational parents themselves.

Moses is a prime example of The Law of Twice Good. Moses followed 3 vital action steps:

  1. He listened intently to his mentor.
  2. He wrote his mentor’s instructions down (on tablets for preservation).
  3. He expected his followers to obey (the laws).

If you want to be twice good embrace these 3 action steps:

  1. Learn from your mentor parent. Both positives and negatives. Imitate the positives and eliminate negative behaviors.
  2. Write them down in a place of frequent view and review until memorized.
  3. Act on them.

Honoring parents is best evidenced by living far above and beyond your birth. Who you are is God’s gift to you; what you do with your life can be your gift to God.