Crowell Basketball Coaching System


Eastern Oregon University is offering B.S. and M.Ed. college credit for the CROWELL BASKETBALL COACHING SYSTEM.  Imagine earning up to 3 masters level credits for only $210 per credit hour!


Summer class:
June 20 – Aug 26

Current EOU students
Non-Admitted students


Northwest Basketball Coaching

Superior basketball coaching is logical and philosophically sound.

The Crowell system is based on over 60 years in basketball and life skills experience. Philosophy (love of study of basketball & emotional intelligence) is the foundation of Fred Crowell’s life work.


Knowledge + Understanding + Application is the foundation for Crowell basketball.




Course Outline:



Week 1

Building Your Coaching Foundation

 The clearer you are in what you expect, the better you are at setting your expectations.


Week 2

Understanding and Teaching the Game

Great coaches are effective in maximizing the rules of the game to their advantage.

Understand coaching methods, control the momentum and tempo of the game, and develop coaching systems.


Week 3

Understanding the Game

The goal for a coach is to prepare their team to have the best possible chance to play to their potential.

Learn the coaching errors to avoid, master game substitutions, build team leadership and unity, and the keys to quickness and intensity.


Weeks 4-5

Individual Basketball Skills

Understand what players, by position, need to know, understand and execute in order for them and the team to be successful offensively and defensively.


Weeks 6-7

Team Basketball Skills

The game of Basketball is often won or lost on the team’s ability to score or defend in special situations.

Learn offensive team skills, the art of scoring points, and defensive team skills.


Week 8

Designing Plays for Every Set

Learn how to use designed plays for offense, defense, sideline and baseline inbounds, presses, quick hitters, and defending a lead.


Weeks 9

Planning, Organization, Communication and Motivation

Learn the keys to communicating with players, parents, and administration. Organize practice schedules, scouting,
and statistics. Motivate your athletes and manage your timeouts.


Week 10

Developing Leaders and Captains

Wars may be fought with weapons, but they are won by people.  It is a spirit of the people who follow and of the ones who lead that gains the victory. – George S. Patton Jr

Use the four foundations of leadership to help create a great leader and help the captains and leaders learn their responsibilities.


Summer class: June 20 – Aug 26
Current EOU students