Yesterday is today in China. Today is tomorrow in the USA.

Amazing things happen to the body when it is subjected to two times zones.

Spokane and Jiaozuo are 15 hours different in time. Now it is 3 AM in Jiaozuo. In Spokane time it is Noon.   

Why am I awake? Why am I so excited to be alive? What makes life so worth living?

These are elegant questions. There are no set in stone; right or wrong answers.

But these are questions worthy of being asked and answered.  

These are questions 9 out of 10 people never take time to ask and answer.

Why? What is the reason 90% of you’re and my friends have never taken time to get alone with pen and paper in hand a write crystal clear personal answers to the following questions:

1.  Why am I awake, rather (alive)?

2.  Why am I excited about what I get to do today?

3. What make life worth living? For you? For me?

4. What stops us from answering these game changer questions?

Some common excuses you may give:

  • I already have it in my head, it is just a waste of time to write it out on paper.
  • I’m too lazy today.  
  • I’m too tired today.
  • I’m too busy today.
  • I’m too depressed today.

Send me your answers; and I will send you mine.



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