The two things you can control are your attitude and your effort. The one thing, for sure, you cannot control is other people.

A very important elegant question:

In your opinion, what is the reason it is so common for people to try to control or change other people?

An even more important question:

What is it about changing something that is so difficult and so often resisted?

One counseling technique that was successful in helping clients discover the power of focusing attitude and hard work, was to challenge the client to do the following:

Step One: make a detailed list of the qualities that you do not like about the person or job that is causing your discontentment. Be very specific.

Step Two: take ownership for each of these negatives that you see in the person or job you listed.

Step Three: take control, change your attitude and begin the hard work to make sure you are living in the right attitude. Do the hard work to eliminate those things you dislike on your list.

The only person I can change is me. God has given me the power to change myself through His grace, mercy, and love.

Read 1 Corinthians 13