A leading human performance expert likes to say, “You can’t get enough of what almost works.”  Here are some examples.

  • Maybe the next drink will be enough for the alcoholic.
  • Maybe the next hit will be enough for the drug addict.
  • Maybe just one more chocolate bar will be enough for the foodie on his 50th diet.
  • Maybe the next cancer treatment will work for the cancer patient.
  • Maybe the next marriage partner will fulfill my life.
  • Maybe the next new dream car will keep me happy for the rest of my life.
  • Maybe the next house will be my forever mansion.
  • Maybe the next pair of shoes, next hairdo, next tattoo will be my best looks.
  • Maybe the next…the next….the next will be enough.

Yet, enough will never come because everything is almost enough.

  • Almost is one of those external illusions.
  • Almost is never enough because it can’t be enough.
  • Almost was never intended to be enough.

Enough is only enough when you are willing to accept you have enough. Then you are enough and will always have enough.