Emotional Intelligence is the most important, yet least taught skill in education in my opinion.

EQ has been proven to be a far greater predictor of success than IQ. Some universities even place greater value on EQ than IQ scores. Yet it isn’t until we see the value in investing in our own EQ that we take action.

Through this past season of Words of Hope I have written a lot on EQ. My hope is as a WOH reader you already see the value in developing your own EQ, as I want to take the next 7 days to share with you (and would like you to share back with me) 21 ways to get EQ.

Knowing, understanding, and managing your feelings, is the foundation of emotional intelligence. 

Are you ready? Let’s begin!

  1. Attitude of gratitude – The camera to see and experience life is gratitude. The better the camera the better the picture. If you want to see beauty, harmony, all the colors, goodness in people and endless possibilities, choose an attitude of gratitude. Ingratitude is allergic to all of these, and all you end up with (after sneezing on the lens) is a ruined image.
  2. Want to trumps how to! Talent is important, yet desire is even more important. EQ excellence starts with the want to factor. If you seek EQ you will find it.
  3. Ask! Learners ask tons of questions with an intent to implement. Ask then ask some more!

Over the next 24 hours, as you see opportunity, put these first 3 ways to get EQ into practice. If you discover something you would like to share, drop me a line, or share your discovery with a friend. Be breath and life to others and you will find your own refreshment.