This past Thursday the NBA gave us five continuous hours of drafting 60 fine college basketball players for a possible future with its professional teams. If you asked the players if they thought this consideration was worth it, I am sure they would assure you it was… and with grateful tears in their eyes.

Not one player would say their NBA draft was a total gift. Many said they were encouraged to put forth a profound effort, but in the final analysis, it had to be their choice. That choice to work for the future NBA draft had to exhibit these qualities:

  • The will to prepare to win,
  • The mental toughness to win,
  • The development of God-given talent to win,
  • The hard work ethic to win,
  • The drive to excel in all skills to win, and
  • The time discipline and sacrifice to win.

Always the investment was themselves TO WIN!

For many Words of Hope readers, this basketball drive may not be your top pursuit. However, each person has been given a Divine gift to expand for a God-given purpose, an area of excellence, a determined goal. You have to have emotional investment in what you are doing. If you don’t love it, failure is probably the outcome. Give of your time, talent, emotional energy = they are HEART AND SOUL! YOUR BEST INVESTMENT IS YOU!