A young lion is a boy/man who is hungry, dedicated, loyal, hard-working, and willing to do what it takes to become a trustworthy man

I called these rare type of boys/men young lions because the lion is the king of the jungle. The lion has no fear. 

What are the qualities and characteristics of a young lion? 

In my mind’s eye, a young lion is frisky, full of energy, taking on the day with excitement ready to do what it takes to win. Old lions need young ones with them to win.

For these reasons I have called the boys/men, the Lord has put into my life young lions.

These young lions are the trophies in my life. Many who are now mature lions who are training the young in their lives to be lions.

Thankfully as an old lion I am still on the hunt to find those who want to become lions. These amazing young lions are our future. 

This past summer 18 young lions toured Italy with NBC. It was absolutely remarkable to see these hungry, dedicated hard-working young lions get after it. 

Imagine an AAA weekend traveling across Roma to visit where Paul wrote the book of Philippians. 

Imagine a serious physical development workout in the Paris airport where people stopped to smile at these young lions preparing their bodies for battle.

Imagine these young lions reading and studying to be all that God would have them be in their lives.

There are millions and millions of boys who would like to become young lions. They need an older lion to come alongside them and show them the way through example.

Philippians 4:4-9 is a simple yet effective manual of how to be a young lion trainer

You don’t have to be a genius to train a young lion. You have to be a lion.