Scott Rueck, sensational women’s basketball coach at Oregon State coined “Got Crowelled.”

Scott was a master coach at an NBC Camp in Hawaii a few years ago. One of our young coaches was doing some basketball drills.

While I was in the process of educating the NBC way to a new staff member, Coach Rueck smiled as he told another coach, “He just got Crowelled.”

Getting Crowelled is a common experience for many these days. I look for these opportunities. Hopefully I have learned do to this more effectively.

These past 8 days there have been many opportunities. I will share one that means the world to me.

Within a block of the Sacred Heart Jesuit Center in Los Gatos, California there is a winery. I met two members of the staff. I asked, “What brings you joy today?”

Quickly the response was, “You bring me joy today.” “Wow, thank you!”

“And what brings you joy today?” Asked this nice person.

I said, “Can I tell you a quick story?”

“Yes, please do.”

“I have a teacher. He is mean. He doesn’t play fair but he is a great teacher if you listen to him. He has set me free. I am the happiest person you will meet today. My mean teacher’s name is Cancer.”

The second staff member’s eyes glistened. A bright eyed 21 year old woman who had been laughing and smiling up to this moment.

She said, “I learned this week I have cervical cancer.”

In an instant, our hearts united. In the ensuing minutes the majesty, grace, mercy and love of Jesus took over. Both of us “Got Christed” which is far better than “Got Crowelled.”

I asked permission to email her. She signed up for Words of Hope. “Would it be ok to pray?” I asked.  

Both welcomed a prayer. Honestly, it was a moment in time when time stood still and His glory was with us.  

To You, Lord Jesus Christ, we praise Abba Father in your precious name.


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