Is it Rembrandt, Picasso, Michael Angelo, Chagall, Van Gogh, or is it GOD?

Susan Stricker, high school math teacher, lover of beauty, declares to any and all, “God is the greatest artist!”

One of my thousands of joyous moments was an experience in the Canadian Rockies. Jay and I took 44 “die-hard” basketball players on a ten-day intensity basketball experience. One strapping lad proclaimed he was an atheist. Early one sunny morning, we took the boys on a run. At a spectacular viewpoint, our atheist shouted, “Now, I believe in God!”

Yes, indeed, “The heavens declare the glory of God. There is no speech or language where His voice is not heard… in the heavens. He has pitched his tent like a bridegroom coming forth from his pavilion like a champion set to run his race….” 

Spring in Spokane is upon us. Birds sing, deer graze on green lawns, and trees are alive with buds. It is time to celebrate a new birth. I love Spring. Thank you, God, for the seasons of the year. Spokane has four seasons. God is the master artist of all of them.

The problem is life gets in the way. We run the risk of being blind to God’s beauty. It is tragic to miss the glory of His creation. For months, I did not look out our large windows overlooking our splendid city during a period of despair. Busy, health issues, worry, fear all robbed me of living in the precious moment.

As Susie often says to me, “Slow the bus down.” This means taking time to examine a budding limb on a tree, to stand still and see the sunrise, to breathe slowly and smell the air, to see God’s amazing artistry truly.

Check out the link my amazing Alaskan friend, Mike Tauriainen, sent me this. Ironically it came to me after I decided to write about God, the world’s best artist.

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