Words of Hope: Struggle

I looked back on my recent WOH and several begin with the words: Dad struggled. I find it important to consider unconscious repetition.  The word struggle means to trample or to wrestle. I wondered why it was important for me to consider Dad struggling in his life. I believe struggle is a very human part of this daily life. I wonder if I must have needed this image of him.

Struggle is part of the grief process for me right now, a struggle to wrestle by holding in tension the daily sorrow of not being able to communicate with Dad but also the joy of knowing he is infinitely alive in God and blissfully happy.

I am thankful I can wrestle with this tension because it means my dad was dear to me and an integral part of my daily life. His loss is so much more acute because he was so deeply embedded in our lives.  For some, a loved one’s passing is an easy grace. For me, the passing of my dad into eternity is a struggle. I think sometimes the church can discount the need for struggle and for the need to wrestle with the complexity and challenges of life. Struggle is not a terrible thing but a very human experience which calls for the need for the divine. Without struggle, we don’t need God.

“For I want you to know how great a struggle I have on your behalf.” Colossians 2:1